RESIDENCY AT LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE. Del 12 de setembre al 8 de novembre. Québec City. Notes and other. Art and social idees. Creative works. Transdisciplinary exhibition. Videoart. Sound Performance. Experimentation.

Thanks to the Beca de Residència del Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani. Girona a La Chambre Blanche de Québec”. Set-Nov. 2016


researching notes

...researching in La Chambre Blanche. Two months ago. I made that video art.... between Riap Festival, discovering the settings of the camera, knowing my neighbors and beautiful people of Quebec, didn't understand french, and I was looking for the words that I had printed in my skin from society, I was in residency, editing that video in a site-specific mood...

"Je me souviens."

Thank's to Wartin Pantois, and all the team of La Chambre. September 2016.

A personal investigation project through universal concepts, of singular throughout and vital experiences from images and sound researches made in Quebec City. An audiovisual creation with stolen, solicited, real moments and self recorded images. A dream-like experimental, abstract, real and accidental transformation poetic proposal, out of society.

4th week

El procés creatiu, el canvi de sentit, el fer i aprendre mentre es fa, fins que no veig el total del procés no entenc a on vaig
fins que no digereixo un viatge no el puc explicar, així que a tres setmanes d’unes portes obertes, només puc parlar convidar-te a venir a veure una conclusió feta a base de videoarts, de recerca i experiència, amb performance i poesia, amb intervenció a les parets, amb la búsqueda i el moment congelat de la búsqueda.

How can I explain what I am doing if the explication will came to me when it will arrive in the end of that travel, maybe months ago, sometimes. So I leave you a poem of today, to invite you to see the conclusion of tomorrow.


Landscape of light.

At the end of the researching, on the way to exhibit, in the opening , in the finissaje, I realize that this installation, was about all the tools tha I was using, but was about to create a lanscape with the normal images from the videoart, I like the deepneess that takes the line of the prjectos in the sheets. So, is Lanscape of light, in moviment of forms and images.

Litle projection in the stones.

Projecting on the stones my self sticking words of my society research. The visual sesation, that the girl (me) is really sticking the words in the stones is interesting.

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